2024 Campaign Roadmap

To Do

Establish Campaign Team

Identify and recruit key members for the campaign team.

Avatar Emily Johnson
Due Date: 06/01/2024

Develop Campaign Strategy

Outline the key messages, target demographics, and campaign tactics.

Avatar Olivia Williams
Due Date: 06/15/2024


Plan and execute fundraising events to support the campaign.

Avatar James Carver
Due Date: 07/01/2024

Volunteer Recruitment

Recruit and train volunteers for the campaign.

Avatar John Davis
Due Date: 07/15/2024


Launch Campaign

Officially announce candidacy and begin campaigning.

Avatar Robert Miller
Due Date: 06/15/2024

Host Town Hall Meetings

Engage with the community to understand their concerns and present your plans.

Avatar Michael Wilson
Due Date: 08/01/2024

Debate Preparation

Prepare for debates with other candidates.

Avatar Sarah Thompson
Due Date: 09/01/2024

Media Outreach

Engage with media outlets for interviews and coverage.

Avatar Jessica Taylor
Due Date: 09/15/2024


Get Out The Vote

Ensure supporters turn out to vote on election day.

Avatar William Anderson
Due Date: 11/05/2024

Post-Election Analysis

Analyze election results and feedback for future campaigns.

Avatar David Thomas
Due Date: 12/01/2024

Thank You Event

Host a thank you event for all volunteers and supporters.

Avatar Charles Jackson
Due Date: 12/15/2024

Campaign Wrap-up

Complete all post-campaign tasks and prepare for the next steps.

Avatar Daniel Harris
Due Date: 01/01/2025